About Us.

WORLD DATA TRAFFIC TECH (WDTT), is a Traffic survey company established in the year 2019. We are a global service provider for Traffic data Extraction from video. The team at WDTT has a wide knowledge of different data collection methods and analysis methodologies. The team is trained to work on any number of classifications, however busy the sites are and provide accurate results. WDTT Applies the industry's most advanced techniques for accurate data collection. we provide a customized cost effective solution that's the best suited to your requirements. For us clients are unique, Based on the clientʼs requirement, we adopt different methodologies to achieve the highest quality data.

World Data Traffic Tech is one of the best among traffic survey company in India. Our team of experienced professionals, track record in delivering quality traffic data analyais services to our client. We adopt latest technologies based on client’s requirements. For us clients are most important and we are flexible to provide quality data on time. Our main goal is to make the client happy and satisfied. World data traffic tech is a traffic and transportion data analysis company, Base in Bangalore, India. We cater transportation data collection companies, transport plannings, consultings, councils and other transport authorities world wide.

We offer a bouquet of services in ATCC, Bus terminals, parking (on street and off street), PEDS counting & tracking, Queue length analysis, TMC, Roundabout tracking, Link count, Servicing, ANPR, etc…

WDTT is highly committed to provide high quality data (99% + Accuracy) with shortest turnaround time at lowest price. We can cater any part of the world at their local times. WDTT as highly qualified young minded team to craft integrated solutions which meet individual customer’s short term and long term requirements.

All traffic planning should be based on up-to-date and reliable data. We offer evidence based results, accurate and comprehensive data collection of even the most complex and difficult counts with a minimum of organizational effort needed from the client. We are able to undertake surveys at any time of the day or night and in all weather conditions.